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Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Comprehensive IT Support

IT technician

Comprehensive IT Support

A Comprehensive team structure designed with you in mind.

At SMG Business Solutions Ltd, we understand each business operates uniquely and each member of staff also have their own style of working.That's why we can offer you a wide variety of modern,robust and scalable enterprise level IT support. Therefore, every relationship we have built with our clients is also indviudual and unique, therefore so are all are managed IT Support plans. we build with every one of our clients based on each businesses distinctive staff, size and sector all provided at an affordable monthly rate. Avoid downtime impacting your profit and prodcutivity and take advantage of optimal uptime and experience the benefits our support can provide.

Computer Hardware Support

When your hardware gives you a heaache,leave it to our expert Tech Support.   

Modern IT systems are in everyday use, becoming more complex, sophisticated, and independently performing tasks, freeing up more time to focus on your business. But when you rely on your IT system for everything, what happens when something goes wrong leaving you to pick up the pieces and the cost?

Fortunately, we can help.

Our fast and accurate analysis, enables us to fix or replace the malfunctioning piece of hardware and get it working again quickly, limiting downtime.  We possess the expertise to produce a thorough analysis of almost any piece of computing hardware or accessory. Our ability to uncover the root cause, find a solution, and implement a solution for the issue sets us apart.

Software Licensing and Management

Stay up to date and always have the latest version of software.

In today’s world, software runs businesses. Software companies know this. We can help advise you and acquire up-to-date licensing to cover all your s most current versions of productivity or management software to make sure that your company’s software is always current and delivered properly.

SMG Business Solutions Ltd's Help Desk

Fast and Friendly IT Experts on hand to resolve your problems.

Minor or major IT issues affect workflow and productivity, costing you loss of time and money. Our professional IT technicians will be able to assist them and find a solution for whatever IT problems they have.

When problems exceed the technical knowledge or capabilities of your office’s “go-to” IT person, speak to our helpdesk team. On an important business call? Log an issue directly to our team from your machine instead by clicking on a desktop icon, add screenshots to help provide accurate information to aid resolution to your issues. Our support team can connect to your machine, diagnose issues and implement fixes as if they were sitting alongside you.

For more information about how SMG Business Solutions Ltd's professional IT technicians can present your organization with a high-degree of value, please take a minute and fill out the form on the right-hand portion of the screen, or simply give us a call at 020 7898 3500.

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