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Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Microsoft Azure | Get Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform & Infrastructure for your Business

Windows Azure

A Cloud Solution from a trusted developer like Microsoft.

Integrate the services and applications you depend on with a scalable cloud platform.

With the cloud virtually exploding in popularity, businesses may find it difficult to identify and choose which cloud is best suited to their needs. For that reason why not turn to the one provided by one of the most trusted names in the industry?

Many modern businesses are adapting and implementing ways to enhance the mobility within their business. Integrating technology systems that will expand your access to mission-critical data is an effective way we can provide improved operational agility to your business. With many cloud solutions avaliable it's challenging to measure what your business needs in a dedicated cloud computing platform. Let us step in and guide you on what we can do to provide you with a trusted cloud solution.

Flexible and Dynamic Platforms

Azure is compatible with the most popular software on the market.

Microsoft Azure is incredibly versatile, compatible with several different operating systems, programming languages, and frameworks providing you with multiple benefits. The secure Azure platform gives users access to critical information systems, allowing users to be productive when and where they need to be on almost any device they need to use.

Azure has the capabilities to augment and improve your existing IT infrastructure, making it simple to integrate it as a hybrid cloud solution. This gives administrators all the computing power they require, while limiting the infrastructure’s complexity. The certified technicians at SMG Business Solutions Ltd can help your business integrate a cloud solution like Azure that caters to your organization’s specific needs.

Security-Oriented Solutions

Retain maximum compliance and data security with Azure.

One of the largest concerns small and medium-sized businesses have about moving some or all of their organization’s computing to the cloud is a result of worrisome privacy and security breaches. Stories of data breaches are contsantly in the news. These reports naturally cause some very real concerns as businesses seek to to preserve the integrity of their organization’s sensitive data. Doing so requires high-end security protocol and compliance management, but with Azure, you get state-of-the-art security to keep your information safe.

Business’ data is one of the most valuable assets. A secure Azure cloud deployment has many built-in features designed to provide robust security needed to protect that data. By augmenting your business’ Microsoft Azure cloud solution with secondary hardware-based security measures, you can drastically improve the state of your network’s security.

Scalable Azure Plans for all Business'

Small, medium, or even large - all kinds of companies use Azure.

No two businesses are the same, especially when it comes to their technology needs. Some need a minimal amount of technology in their IT infrastructure, while others need a diverse, robust system to handle excessive workloads. Some organizations bundle services together that aren’t absolutely necessary for every aspect of their business. SMG Business Solutions Ltd's Microsoft Azure cloud integration solution is ideal. Help to budget your IT expenses around fixed monthly payments, rather than hefty up-front costs, effectively turning giant capital outlays into a single operating expense.

Augment Your IT with Azure Today

Improve productivity and efficiency with a Microsoft Azure cloud computing solution.

Cloud computing will only continue to evolve, get your business a robust and manegbale plan by integrating a Microsoft Azure platform today. SMG Business Solutions Ltd's qualified technicians have the skills necessary to integrate the perfect cloud solution designed specifically for your business. Give us a call at 020 7898 3500 to get started.

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