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Microsoft Sharepoint - Improve Collaboration & Mobility For Your Team


Microsoft SharePoint Implementation

Take Collaboration into consideration for your business.

As its name suggests, SharePoint provides your employees with the means to efficiently collaborate with all your staff and clients. Microsoft SharePoint has been around since 2001 and is one of the top business resources widely used as a powerful collaboration platform for many of the world’s most successful organizations. .

SMG Business Solutions Ltd can help you utilse SharePoint so that you enjoy some of its modern advantages, providing a dynamic, cost-effective solution for organizations that are looking to add robust collaborative capabilities to their IT setup. SMG Business Solutions Ltd, can help you increase productivity by creating and deploying solutions that help you take advantage of your IT resources. If your looking for a way to align your business’ IT tools with its operational workflow, speak to one of our expert team about professional SharePoint deployment services.



Empower Your Staff and Simplify Business Activities

Initiate, track, review and approve documents with issue tracking and signature collection.

SharePoint users can create a collaboration environment designed to suit their working styles and needs. SharePoint makes sharing, managing, and finding documents faster with ease. SharePoints tight integration with familiar client applications, e-mail and Web browsers provides you with a simple, consistent experience.

The integration into your IT infrastructure can provide you with the means to immediately see the benefits of an integrated document management system, including:

  • A central shared platform for storing documents and files that improves efficiency and organization.
  • Clear and concise indexing to allow users to find things faster.
  • An integrated continuity protection system to ensure there is communication between users so works are not overwritten.
  • A complete revision history that provides roll-back capabilities.

These options allow working to be more organised with cooperation between users and departments being more frequent and easier to depend on, setting the stage for successful fulfillment of important projects that will drive your business forward.

Mobility and Flexibility

SharePoint provides businesses with a great project management interface that allows employees to not be tethered to the office.

With many businesses searching for options to improve the productivity amongst their staff, adding mobility has become a major priority. With the ability to now do more, from more places, take advantage of the added agility to securely access tasks and files from anywhere. The dynamic capabilities of the SharePoint interface gives a powerful platform for cooperation between integral resources on a project. By integrating a SharePoint interface, your staff can work on a project without being on the same network, using a central repository and communication tools to work in integrated applications together.

With some development, your SharePoint can integrate with your most important applications, including your CRM software; in essence, adding a full-scale document management system to your centralised business administration. These integrations can go a long way toward giving your staff the dynamic tools they need to find success.

We are SharePoint Experts.

Implementation, Migration, and Ongoing Support through SMG Business Solutions Ltd

Implementing a SharePoint solution is a detailed process with many options to choose from. Typically, implementation will need to have multiple servers available to successfully implement a SharePoint solution. If your business were to do this in a traditional method, it could get very expensive and need a large amount of support to ensure the interface works as it was designed to.

Your business doesn’t always have the capital to invest in physical hardware and the support to keep it running. We offer virtualised computing environments, virtualization services, and fully hosted SharePoint solutions to give your organization the options it’s looking for in a centralised collaboration interface. Our professional technicians can assess your organization’s IT and fit a SharePoint interface to your standards, whether you want to manage the platform yourself or have it managed for you.

If you are looking for a powerful collaborative interface like SharePoint, at an affordable cost to fit your budget, call the IT professionals at SMG Business Solutions Ltd today at 020 7898 3500.

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