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Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Understanding the Modern Office

the modern office

Creating a Modern Office

Build your dream working space around innovative technology.

SMG Business Solutions Ltd can design, implement, and support some of today’s most dynamic technologies. As a London leader for comprehensive managed IT services, we work with you to discuss your needs and use our vast expertise of information systems to help you setup the office of your dreams.

IIf you are looking to free up some space choose a more modern way of working with our high-tech solutions for your office. SMG Business Solutions Ltd can design, implement, and support some of today’s most dynamic technologies.

A Modern Designed Office

The makeup of today’s office is driven by innovation.

Let's start with the layout , just like open plan homes now having seperate kitchens and dinning rooms being turned into one large space being all the rage, our offices are no different.

Lose the old fashioned cubicles and start embracing an open office setup that is becoming more common practice. As business owners and executives look to cost effective strategies to stretch their budgets and stay flexible. The open office plan gives you more space to work with, and because it is more affordable, many businesses will have extra room for more staff. Generally the more you have, the more productive your business will be.

Design is a big factor, when it comes to modern tech screen sizes may be bigger with the use of landscape and stretch monitors, but the robust, heavy CRT monitors and large, noisy computer towers are gone. Replacing them are smaller, flat screen monitors and sleek thin client boxes that run virtualised software off of a partitioned server.

This shift in computing technology gets more in depth if you factor in cloud hosted solutions, this is where we can advise you. Whether it's software deployment, backup and recovery, network monitoring, or completely hosted computing infrastructure, the computing services the cloud offers have the scalability and value most organizations will need.

Just some of the modern office technologies that we can provide your office setup include:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol - More functionality at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.
  • Conferencing Solutions - Interactive touch screen technology specifically designed for long-distance meeting and collaboration.
  • Virtualisation and Document Management - Get rid of your bulky file cabinets and store your company’s important client and vendor information in servers that can set up to be accessible anywhere.
  • Business Continuity Technology - There was a time where a disaster like a fire or a flood would put a company’s future in peril. With complete offsite backups, the risk is gone.
  • Wireless Systems - Fueling the paperless office, wireless technologies provide employees, vendors, and guests to securely use mobile and wireless technology to improve cooperation and collaboration.
  • End-to-end Security - Enormous strides have been made in physical and network security. With office automated security controls, as well as automated monitoring solutions, your business can be more secure and efficient.

Technology Implementation

Let SMG Business Solutions Ltd technology professionals help you transform your business.

It's not as simple as using an off-the-shelf solution, many found within the modern office aren’t designed to effective straight out of the box. These solutions are like musical instruments , needing fine tuniing to sound good.

They need to be configured and managed properly by an expert like us, and if they aren’t, you could just be adding another expensive technology problem. It's crucial for the health of your business to integrate your technology solutions properly and more cost effective to get it right the first time.

At SMG Business Solutions Ltd, our technicians are professional, clean and efficient in providing you with installation of the latest IT solutions. When we introduce new techonology, we know it can have a negative effect initially, to avoid this when we implement a solution, we take your company’s workflow into account.

 By providing you with a thorough understanding and the technical expertise when these solutions are utilized, we can implement state-of-the-art technology solutions with limited downtime.

Technology Training and Support

With comprehensive support and training, get up to speed fast.

Getting the right level of support when you need it is a crucial aspect of any working teaam or office. Cooperation and collaboration don’t just happen, they are only possible through properly functioning technology that is being used by people who know how to use it. At SMG Business Solutions Ltd that why we provide you and your staff end-to-end support and training for every solution we install. We are experts at the management and support of today's most complex information systems, we will also empower you by bring our knowledge and experience to your team. 

If you would like more information about efficiency and new technology solutions for your modern office, or simply would like to speak to one of our technology consultants about upgrading your existing technology, call us today at 020 7898 3500.

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