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What is Windows 10?

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What's New With Windows 10 

The latest Windows operating system for your IT infrastructure.

Windows 10, is the very latest version of Microsoft's operating sytem, providing you with excellent tools and real business benefits. With windows 10, it's more than just an upgrade to previous versions of Windows . 

 With so many devices to hand, using a combination of a tablet, handset or a laptop is the new modern working style. So our experiences using them need to be personal, efficient and mobile and a compatible OS (Operating System) can make this happen for you. The new Windows OS comprises all of these features, providing useful cloud-based tools that are scalable to your business needs.

Upgrading to the latest operating system can often be an added stress, especially for the small and medium-sized business.  SMG Business Solutions Ltd have dedicated IT experts here to guide you into making the best decisions possible in order to get the very best from your IT environement. Here are some of the great features and opportunities Windows 10 provides for the average SMB.

The Return of Familiar Features

Windows 10 see's the return of the Start button.

Designed to work on all devices, Windows 10 bridges the gap between touch-optimised tablets and desktop experiences, providing a familiar interface starting at the desktop and improving on curretnt features, allowing applications to run in a window on the desktop. The best parts of Windows 7 & 8 have been combined to form a streamlined interface. The Start menu, absent from Windows 8, makes its return, as does the classic search feature. Returning to a more classic Windows interface means less training as staff will already feel more familiar on how to use Windows 10, compared to Windows 8 and 8.1.

One Universal Experience

One Windows platform for all devices.

Windows 10 delivers one all inclusive app platform, one security model, and one deployment and management approach to setup a universal experience across all devices and userrs. Allowing your workforce the freedom to work accross multiple devices and different locations. Whether it’s an individual device or an 80” touch-screen conference room display, Windows 10 will provide your business a consistent, compatible professional and experience.

Customisable Features

Your Windows, your way.

Windows 10 allows the option to customise several useful features and settings for user experience. Customise your Start menu and taskbar with your most used apps for ease. Designed with users in mind if you can think it, you can probably customise it to your style in Windows 10. Several features and applications found on the windows phone, like Microsoft’s browser Edge and Cortana, the desktop voice assistant that can also be found on Windows 10 desktop.

Built-in Security Features

Fully protect your business.

Microsoft has invested time to ensure Windows 10 is the most secure Windows OS to date. Purposley designed with security in mind, it now contains several features, like biometric settings, identity protection, cryptographic processing, and hardware-based security features. These are all designed to augment and protect users of Windows 10. The built-in security features offered by Windows 10, will give you reassurance that your systems, augmented by your other IT security solutions, are secured and protected at all times.

Implement Windows 10 Today

Fully utilize Microsoft’s latest operating system.

There are so many reasons to use Windows 10, we have just covered the basics. Windows 10 is best demosntrated when used personally yourself. We demonstrate how we use Windows in all of our client consulations, often letting them take over and see how it can work for the individual. Taking advantage of Windows 10 doesn’t have to be challenging at all. SMG Business Solutions Ltd's professional technicians know all about the difficulties of upgrading to a new operating system. If you’re unsure of whether or not you should upgrade to Windows 10, give us a call at 020 7898 3500. 

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