Managed IT services can change the way your business looks at its technology.

We live in a time where technology management is confusing, and it’s mostly because every business has different strengths, needs, and budgets to work around. What works for one small business won’t work for another, and what works for a large enterprise certainly won’t do the trick for a small business. How do you cut through all the noise and get the technology assistance your business needs? The answer: managed IT services.

The Break-Fix Dilemma

Businesses often attribute their lack of adequate technology maintenance and management to a lack of appropriate funding. This means they aren’t hiring professionals to take care of their technology throughout the workday, instead opting to address issues with their technology as they arise. This is the opposite of sustainability; this is what is called break-fix maintenance, i.e. waiting until the technology is causing problems for your operations before addressing it. It creates downtime and unnecessary costs which could be prevented with the right approach.

The Managed Services Model

Managed services aim to address the challenges that businesses face when looking for IT help. If companies cannot hire in-house IT technicians, they can instead work with a managed service provider for their technology needs. The provider addresses the company’s technology challenges according to a service level agreement, and the company pays the provider on a per-month or per-service basis.

The reason that managed service models are so successful is due to their preventative nature. If issues can be addressed before they become larger, more difficult problems, you can often prevent the downtime that comes from them from crippling your business and your productivity further.

Scalability and Predictability = Sustainability

Perhaps the greatest benefit that managed services provide for small businesses is the consistency necessary for sustained growth and success. IT expenses can be wildly unpredictable according to the break-fix model of the past, as you might have lesser expenses one month only to have to replace multiple endpoints the next. With managed services, you get a predictable monthly cost that allows for easy budgeting. With this comes peace of mind that your organization can implement new technologies without breaking the bank or losing out on other opportunity costs.

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