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Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Cloud IT Solutions | Cloud Hosted Technology

cloud technology

Hasslefree Cloud Computing for Business

Benefit from real-time collaboration between team members, even if they are on the opposite side of the world !

The cloud is one of the most used and important technological innovations seen in years, we all use the cloud every day in our work and private lives. Personally, the cloud backs up our photos and documents so that there’s never a risk of losing cherished memories and “aha” moments you just can't get back. From a business perspective, it aids staff who need to quickly access client data on the move securely, allowing you to take your business with you rather than tethering you to your office. 

Companies are starting to utilise the cloud computing more and more, with recent advances in capabilities of utility computing within the cloud giving many businesses alternative ways of substantially enhancing production anywhere there is Internet access. Cloud computing presents solutions for any of your business' problems; from e-mail, to communications, to a full-scaled hosted infrastructure. In this way cloud computing is presenting companies of all sizes considerable benefits.

Cloud Servers and Their Role in Business

SMG Business Solutions Ltd's virtualisation solutions are able to set up, manage, and support your organization's computing infrastructure.

Previously, businesses needed to purchase, run, and maintain their entire IT infrastructure on premises, creating more cost and strains on the business. If your business is running separate servers for each of your different applications, your propbaly not using your servers to their full capacity. This can lead to a complex network made up of several different servers spread out over a large infrastructure. This wastes both physical space and energy resources. SMG Business Solutions Ltd can cut out these underutilised servers and run multiple applications, or even operating systems, on the same server. This presents a solution that allows your organization to save space, capital, and assets.

The cloud is changing the face of business computing, it's now possible to be housed on our secure data center and maintained by our experienced technicians. We use hypervisor technology for streamlined hardware utilisation. This cuts down on energy expenses and provides fast and secure computing delivery allowing you financial flexibility in regards to your business IT. At SMG Business Solutions Ltd, our hosted solutions ensure your company is delivered a secure and efficient computing infrastructure that enables you to focus on the administration of your business and not your IT.

Hosted IT Solutions

Utilise our enterprise-level cloud delivery for significant cost reduction.

SMG Business Solutions Ltd grants businesses like yours additional computing options that work to increase your company's efficiency and productivity; and helps you avoid the capital expenses that come along with the purchase state-of-the-art technology.

Be sure to ask us about other cloud solutions, such as:

  • Hosted Exchange Email
  • Email Filtering/Spam Protection
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosted Security and Backup
  • Hosted Applications

Work Anyhere With Virtualised Desktops and Applications

Mobility is everything to a modern business.

With virtual desktops and applications, your employees can access their work desktops whenever they need to, from any device. This flexibility allows you to enjoy secure, scalable virtual desktop solutions that help your business stay competitive. Being able to access your applications while on the go can be a game-changer for businesses. The extra mobility and increased productivity can be just what your business needs to pull ahead of your competitors in whatever market you are in.

For more information about cloud-based computing and how it can benefit your business call our knowledgeable technicians today and learn more about how SMG Business Solutions Ltd delivers the best hosted solutions in the London area.

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