It doesn’t take a genius to understand the importance of IT maintenance and management, but it’s often easier said than done to make sure it happens properly. A new survey from Gartner suggests that this might get even more challenging, as IT employees are increasingly more likely to leave their place of work than other, non-IT employees.

What Do the Numbers Say?

According to Gartner’s Global Labor Market Survey, only 29.1 percent of IT employees are likely to remain with their current employers. The number seems low considering the important place technology has in the business world. Of course, the number varies depending on the region you are looking at. The survey indicates that only 19.6 percent of IT workers in Asia are going to stay with their current jobs. Furthermore, only 23.6 percent of IT workers in New Zealand and Australia are likely to stick around, with Latin America and Europe sitting at 26.9 percent and 38.8 percent respectively.

Even the best, most optimistic numbers are a cause for concern, and the global average of 10.2 percent of IT staff being less likely to stay with their current job compared to non-IT workers should have you asking yourself how you plan to service your technology in the years to come. It’s suspected that this shift in mindset stems from the pandemic, as people are asking themselves about major life goals and career choices in its wake. So, how is your business going to address this change in the IT worker mindset?

Why Does This Matter for Your Business?

When you consider the high level of uncertainty that comes from employee turnover, you’ll want to take measures to eliminate as much of it as possible, especially where IT is concerned. Working with SMG Business Solutions and our managed service model can make a world of difference in making your IT more predictable and less stressful, and it takes much of the hassle out of finding the appropriate IT talent for your business.

You get several benefits from working with SMG Business Solutions in this regard. First, you don’t have to worry about recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding new IT staff, as you can trust that we have already properly vetted our technicians to ensure their knowledge. You get all of this time back in the form of productivity. You also eliminate the time wasted while you’re trying to replace the IT worker that has jumped ship. Basically, working with a managed IT provider like SMG Business Solutions during these times of transition makes managing your IT significantly more predictable and less stressful, and in today’s insane world, a little peace of mind goes a long way.

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