Everyone loves a gadget. The office space has been home to some of the coolest tech, and today there are literally millions of devices that people can use in their workspace. Today, we thought we’d introduce you to three separate gadgets that may be useful in your office.

Magnima AirPoint

The Magnima AirPoint takes the digital mouse to the next level. When presenting you would rather be engaging with the audience than standing behind a laptop trying to ensure that your slides are in order. The AirPoint does just this. It combines the compact form factor of a finger-mounted presentation tool with the full functionality of a mouse along with full gestural control.

The main benefit of the AirPoint is how it is used for presentations. With dynamic gesture recognition and dual touchpads, any presenter will be able to connect with their audience with ease with the AirPoint. The device comes also with a handy wireless charging box for easy portability, The AirPoint can be had directly from Magnima for £149.99.

Scanmarker Air

Today, people are much more proficient using digital means for note-taking than ever before. One tool that can really speed up the note-taking process is the Scanmarker Air. The Scanmarker Air is the size of a marker (thus the name) and works by the user going over any text they want to scan and have it saved into their favorite apps, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Evernote.

Additionally, the Scanmarker Air can translate text into over 60 different languages. The device connects via Bluetooth to any device that runs MacOS/iOS, Windows, and Android. The 200 mAh battery allows the Scanmarker Air to last as long as seven days on a single charge. The Scanmarker Air can be had online for $149.99.

Portable Monitors

It’s been proven that computer users are substantially more productive if they have multiple displays. Today, there are a lot of portable monitor options available that make it simple to get more display real estate. Some come as a stand-alone unit, while some come with various frames that allow users to connect the display right to the laptop itself.

Some of the best include:

  • AOC I160IP
  • Asus ZenScreen MB16AC
  • Asus MB169C+
  • Asus MB168B+

Most of these options come in under £300 for a 15” display.

These are just three useful products that we found. There are all types of wireless chargers, accessories, and even whole desk setups that incorporate technology to make users work lives easier and more productive.

What do you think? Are there any interesting gadgets that you use that you would like to share with others? If so, leave your suggestions in the comments section below and check back soon for more great gadget suggestions.