Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services. This includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. The cloud allows businesses to move away from expensive physical servers and migrate to the cloud.

Low Start-Up

The cloud removes hefty start-up fees with there being no need to invest in hardware or software. The cloud can grow with the business. As you expand, you can simply upgrade in a few clicks to increase capacity.

At SMG our cloud specialists design your solutions to suit you, having a bespoke cloud environment built with next-generation technology means you get optimum and guaranteed performance. Plus, our cloud solutions are continuously evolving to ensure our clients get the best of cloud computing every time.

Better Security

The cloud is designed to ensure your data is safe in any situation. From cyber-attacks, natural disasters and power outages. Therefore your data will be backed up more often than a physical server, and stored in more than one location within the cloud. The cloud is better able to detect security threats and uses a combination of firewalls, encryption, anti-virus, backup and recovery solutions.

Improved IP Address with cloud computing

Marinating a good IP Address reputation is vital for any business, especially if you wish to use email marketing. Your IP address can indicate how trustworthy and reliable a business is. In fact, having a good IP Address reputation can help your business’s credibility and deliverability. Having a bad IP address reputation can result in spamming, malware and phishing. This is another way the cloud is keeping your business safer and more reputable.

How we can help you

Migrating existing applications can appear very daunting however with planning it’s a straightforward process. Our team of IT experts will guide you through each stage of a cloud migration project; from concept to design through to implementation and support.

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