Starting 31st March, classic Teams will be automatically updated to the new version. The new application has been available for quite a while and you can start using it now. You set it as your default, if you wish. If you are still using old Teams, it may be worth switching over to take a look at what’s to come. Making the switch will not affect any of your chats, other applications or calendar.

What’s different about the new Teams?

The newer version brings a more sleek and updated appearance. With it’s make over it is promised to bring fast performance when answer calls, switching between chats and launching the app.

It also used less memory and battery when using the application and responding to messages. There will also be a built in help option to provide quick response answers. New Teams also has a better notification process. You can choose exactly what content and chats you receive notifications from. You can also change the style of your screen and set your post to appear from the top, instead of the bottom as the page (as they do now).

Do you need to do anything?

Simply, no. The new Teams will automatically update on 31st March. It will not have any affect on you. But if you want to see what its all about before that, you can chose to switch the the new Teams using the toggle at the top of the application. You will know if you are using the new Teams as it has a little ‘new banner’ across the icon on your home page.