The time of year has come where we begin to reflect on what the technology world bought us in 2023 and the up-and-coming trends to get ready for in 2024.

Sustainable Technology

Sustainability in technology can be broken down into different sections.

  • Efficiency. The technology is efficient in terms of use and energy rescources.
  • Substitution. The technology shifts to using biodegradable materials and renewable rescources.
  • Prevention. Preventing the negative impacts on the environment during the use or production.

Sustainability has been a growing area of the technology world for a few years now. As more and more people are beginning to adopt to a more sustainable lifestyle. Electric cars, bikes and public transportation will increase their presence in the market in 2024. One of the biggest challenges developers are facing with being more sustainable is sourcing their materials for products.

Generative AI

We will always remember 2023 as the year AI burst into the mainstream. Artificial Intelligence has already made its way into our everyday lives, from search engines to communications tools, office software and more and more companies are unlocking the full potential. The idea of AI is to create more time for ourselves when handing over our menial tasks to AI. Artificial Intelligence is seen as a super smart assistant, to help us boost productivity and streamlining our tasks, allowing us to be more creative. 2024 may be the year people begin to accept AI instead of fearing it may take over the world. According to research at the University of Oxford, AI will be better than humans at translating languages by 2024.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers are the next generation of technology that is rapidly emerging. Partnere3d with AI, quantum computers are set to be better at fraud detecting, risk management and high frequency trading.

Although quantum computing is not for every industry, it is still an exciting development in the technology world. Fields such as genome sequencing, material science and drug discovery will benefit massively.

Cyber Resilience

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. It is no longer just about being cyber secure, but about being able to bounce back as a company if a breaches do happen. Cyber resilience is about combining security with continuity protocols. 2024 will hopefully welcome new technologies that can keep our digital world safe.

Phygital Convergence

Phygital Convergence is the blending of our physical and digital worlds. They are no longer just colliding, they are integrating. For most of us, phygital convergence is already in our lives. We are using our social media accounts to create false virtual selves, including snippets of our ‘real lives’, but subsequently creating a digital personality. It is not just in our personal lives; in our work environment we are existing as digital avatars and communicating remotely through platforms such as zoom and teams. It is predicated that in 2024. the gap between ‘real world’ and the ‘virtual world’ will grow smaller.