Mobile devices are now a huge part of everybody’s lives and storing a huge amount of our personal information therefore leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks. These top tips can help you to be aware of the types of threats to look out for.

Types of Mobile Threats:

Financial Trojans: These are fake banking apps, created to look real, to steal your log in details. They will ask you for your login details in order to login on the real banking apps.

Open WIFI Networks: Attackers can intercept your device if you are on an open WIFI network and steal or manipulate your data. If you are entering sensitive passwords while using an open WIFI, these can be intercepted.

Phishing: Spam links can be sent to your device, via text message or email. Consequently directing you to take a fake website or app and ask for your personal details. These can look very realistic.

SIM Hijacking: These attacks are usually targeted. An attacker will take control of your phone number by transferring it over to a new SIM card. By hacking a SIM you can take advantage of two-factor authentication by getting SMS prompts to authenticate the person logging in.

Nuisance ware: This could be pop-up ads on your phone. Pop-ups can just be used for advertising purposes whereas others can be very dangerous and use these programs to distribute adware, spyware, and more destructive types of malware.

It is important to understand the different types of cyber-attacks that could happen and the things you can do to stay safe from them.

How to protect yourself from Cyber Attacks:

  • Don’t open links sent via text message.
  • Contact your service provider if you believe there is a breach or you are being cyberattacked.
  • Use strong, unique, and different passwords.
  • Check your bank statements to make sure there are no suspicious charges.
  • Don’t give away personal information if you are unsure who you are talking to.