AI may be a fairly new topic of discussion for you. However, you have probably been using AI’s for a long time without even realising. It has been creeping into our daily lives over the past few years and only recently the news about them has blown up.

Virtual Assistants

Those of us who use Siri or have Alexa in our homes have already welcomed AI years ago. This form is AI acts as a virtual assistant and can understand written and verbal questions or commands. They are able to understand verbal communication from humans and respond accordingly. Siri or Alexa are far more advanced than a typical chatbot. Chatbots are programmed to answer specific questions in a specific format. Whereas AI’s are able to understand all kinds of commands.

Navigation Systems

Navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze use artificial intelligence to predict changes in traffic, give live updates on accidents and alert you to speed changes and speed cameras. Using AI-powered navigation apps can help road safety and congestion as people are aware of traffic problems before they get there. It can also help you to be more environmentally friendly by offering drivers a fuel-efficient route.

Internet Banking

AI can use advanced algorithms to predict cyber attacks and potential fraud. This advanced technology can detect and block suspicious transactions, login attempts and malware. Internet banking apps can also use facial and voice recognition to verify customers and prevent unauthorised access.

When thinking about AI it is easy to picture some kind of human-like robot. But in fact, artificial intelligence is also being used to keep us safe. Having virtual assistants as part of our lives and in our homes is making our lives easier.

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